Saturday, December 19, 2009

Inaugural Post

Well, I have finally decided to start a blog not to keep in touch with friends and not because I have been assigned to in a class, but to chronicle my writing.

I don't doubt that most of you have never heard of me as a writer, as I only can boast of two published poems to date. It is my hope that I will become known soon or someday, whenever I can really focus on the four novels I have in the works and start chasing the dream of publication.

I am starting this blog for other reasons, too. I tend to make New Year's resolutions a bit off the date of the actual new year (although I am much closer this year than most) and one of my resolutions this year is to commit to my writing. In August of 2009, while on vacation, I started writing for a half hour a day. This lasted for two weeks, until the end of my vacation. Since then, I have half-heartedly attempted to keep up this habit, failing in varying degrees due to work, stress, and a schedule that is packed.

Now that I have a break from work again, of course I have renewed my determination to write every day. I am not saying that I will post here everyday, certainly not, but I will use this blog as a place to vent my frustrations and blocks at such times when I can not work on my novels or poetry.

See? Even creating this post has kept me writing for a bit this morning. I just hope this year will be the one that I can stick to a resolution!

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