Sunday, March 14, 2010

Inspiration comes in unusual ways

Following a trip to the North Carolina Museum of History yesterday, I have stumbled upon another story which I would like to tell...

The Roanoke colony (the "lost" colony) has sparked some interest, and I have a rough idea of a first person narrative from the point of view of a woman who is (to the best of her knowledge) the last survivor. Fiction, obviously, rooted in legend and fact, which may prove more difficult to write than fiction just rooted in fact.

Once again, I've found a story that needs lots of research before it can be crafted.

It's interesting to me that all of the ideas I have in the air right now deal with a few dominant things: women (or girls) as protagonists, cultural misunderstandings, and to some extent, spirituality.

Write what you know
, indeed!

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