Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Egyptology Check In

I realized that between the poison ivy and the writing prompts, I haven't said much about my YA novel in verse with the Egyptology theme. I worked on it this afternoon and evening, and I am starting to find my time line in the story constricted by reality: but there's just so much more I want to say! We'll see if I can rearrange things that don't have a set date in history.

This WIP is 14,150 words today. I'm very proud of myself: I only started this project in January, and of my four WIPs, it is the one I have consistently focused on since its inception. This one will hopefully be ready to query by...August? Too soon?

Speaking of August, the month that Writer's Market comes out with a new volume: I haven't purchased one since 2007 for fiction, 2009 for poetry...this will be the year to invest.


  1. I love it as well. My YA historical fiction takes place in ancient egypt.