Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bad Blogger

I have been really neglectful of this space lately. It's been even harder than I feared to keep up with my writing this week, my first week back to teaching after the blissful three week break. I'm still doing the Story a Day challenge, but it's getting harder and my work is starting to feel forced.

I'm kind of in limbo right now: three completed first drafts, no gumption to start revising, and a fourth WIP which feels very foreign to me right now. I am really excited however, because after December I hope to have tons of inspiration for my YA novel in verse dealing with Egyptology:

We will be traveling to Egypt for a week this winter! I can't wait, but this wonderful fortune has made me hesitant to even touch that WIP right now, since I am months away from a fresh perspective.

I need to stop allowing myself to be lazy. I think I'll go revise the adult novel now.

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