Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Against my better budgeting, I invested in paper today and printed a draft of my adult historical fiction novel, all 165 pages of it. I went through the first eight pages this afternoon, and after typing in my revisions for this portion, I find the novel had grown over a thousand words. This is both a good and bad thing: good because if this trend continues, I should have no trouble increasing the work to 70,000 words when I complete my first revisions. This is a bad thing because I thought revisions would involve "killing my darlings" rather than adding more. Ah, well, I won't question the process too much. This is only stage one of the revisions, but that means I am creeping closer to being ready to query this piece.

In other news, I attempted flash fiction today for my Story a Day.

Time to go read "American Gods" again...One Book, One Twitter officially starts tomorrow!

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