Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend getaway

I was on the road this weekend, driving to see family, but just because I've been absent from my blog doesn't mean I wasn't writing. Mostly journaling, which is always good for me.

Today was not as productive as last week, since I spent three hours outside while I bug bombed the house...trying to combat the roaches once and for all. I still wrote my story a day, and I worked on the YA historical novel in verse.

I joined Six Sentences, and have started posting some of my attempts at flash fiction there. Check it out!

I also applied for a teaching assistant (online) gig at the same university my mom is now's for a writing class, which would mean grading and critiquing lots of student work. I think it would be a really good opportunity for me as an educator, especially since I would love to one day pick up some community college teaching in addition to my middle schoolers. Crossing my fingers!

Happy Monday, blogsphere!

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