Sunday, June 13, 2010


Well, another day, another little chunk of memoir writing. I started a rambly teaching memoir once I had enough distance from that awful first year, and every now and again (like today) I am possessed by a family story that needs telling, but there's no cohesion to these spits and spurts.

I am trying to embrace all writing as good writing, and to stop worrying about eventual publication. So today I wanted to write a story about my dad: leave it at that, no need to spin it into a book!

I'm so driven, so motivated, and now that my writing has resurfaced as a priority, it's really hard to write when I know it may go "nowhere". Writing for the sake of putting words on the page is soul writing, and I shouldn't devalue this work.

How do you allow time for genuine projects and soul writing without letting one take undue precedence?

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