Tuesday, June 8, 2010

YA Multi Voiced Novel

I've been working a lot lately on my YA multi-voiced realistic novel in verse. I've reached the climax, but now I am struggling with creating falling action and some kind of resolution from the mouths of WAY TOO MANY characters. I can't cut any characters, they are all distinct voices, but I'm having a hard time deciding who to flush out and who to leave secondary.

Sigh. I am really glad that I've been adding to this, it's been my longest WIP. I started it two years ago when I was teaching in Michigan, a heavy influence on the setting, and I've kind of ignored it since the initial burst of energy. But it's now 130 different poems from twenty-something different characters.

Any progress gets me closer to the first draft, which gets me closer to countless revisions, which gets me closer to querying. BIG sigh. Wish I could hit the fast forward button and be...zip...published already. Just have to keep working!

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