Thursday, September 23, 2010

Now that it's fall...

...I am a bit strange. Fall usually plays havoc with me, and I thought I was prepared for a roller coaster. But I feel...different this year.

I don't feel out of balance, but I haven't written consistently in days. And tonight, I just seem stuck. No new ideas, no desire to plow through any old ones, just...void.

I wanted to at least write here in this space, so I don't feel as wasted and useless as I am in danger of feeling.

My fortune cookie last night is way too accurate: "One who does nothing but wait for her ship to come has already missed the boat."

I feel like I've done a lot of waiting this past year. I think it's time to check the schedules and find my way down to the docks. But first, I need to do some focused self-examination to determine which ship it is that I want to be on....I think I know, but there's a bit of a mist around me right now...

...maybe because I've been reading Stoker for the first time.

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