Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Shuffle a Poem

Using the challenge from this website and the song titles from this other website, this is my slapped together masterpiece:

Things haven’t been
so great with us
Used to be
I’d stand on the fire escape
and proclaim to the city
I’m glad I hitched my apple wagon
to your star
(you laughed at me,
and I thought that meant
that you loved me)
but that was awhile ago,
leaves me wondering just
what have you done
for me
You’ve made me realize
that I need some fine wine
and you, you need
to be nicer.

Turns out, my apple wagon
exploded and I didn’t even notice
because your star had consumed me.
I thought you were my boyfriend,
I thought you were the one,
but every time I see you
I realize
that you don’t have
a heart,
not one at all,
so you can’t love me.
Your star is going to burn me up
if I don’t leave now.

Try it! Post whatever you create, I'd like to see your poem.

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