Monday, December 20, 2010

Travel Memories

April 29, 2004

"I don't think it's hit me yet, that when I (finally) walk off this flight, I will be in China...alone."

July 8, 2004

"So I'm at my gate, still in a state of shock, not really believing where I am going. I'm sure it really won't hit me till I'm not only on the ground in Paris, but until I've left the sheltering space of the airport."

It still hasn't hit me; that much remains the same. But for the first time, I'm not making the voyage alone.

Had a good laugh this evening reading my travel journals from my first two overseas expeditions. I write so much about the mundane, even when I'm in the middle of the amazing. My journals recount much more about my thoughts and general emotions, with tantalizing little hints of location that seem exotic but distant. I want my Egypt journal to truly be a memoir of the trip, rather than a diary that I happened to keep while abroad.

With that goal in mind, I'll bid my blog readers adieu until the new year. Watch the eclipse tonight, and make the holidays magical! I'll be back with stories in 2011.

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