Monday, January 24, 2011

Create Reality

I am on break from school this week (woo!) and thinking long and hard about the shape I want my life to take from now on.

I will try to live in these next three weeks as I hope to, and maybe the universe will listen and help me to keep these changes permanent.

One reality I want is to spend at least an hour each day working out. We just bought the Wii Fit Plus this weekend, so my current goal is a half hour of games on that and a half hour of yoga (plus an evening walk with my sweetie, weather permitting.)

I also want my reality to involve at least one hour (two would be better) focused on my writing craft. The plan for today? Read through "Ruth" and begin the tortuous second draft process.

Another reality I'd like to see is to be done with any work before my husband gets home so we can spend our evening together. Yesterday was our 29 month wedding anniversary (yes, we count the months as well as the years) and I want to continue to be sappy newlyweds. I need to focus on him as much as I need to focus on me.

What shape do you want your reality to take in the coming year?

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