Monday, May 2, 2011

Welcome, May!

I can't believe it's already May. This year is flying by! My wonderful husband started the month off on the right foot: these are adorning my writing desk until they fade!

I've spent a fairly productive day, and I'm thankful that I'm still enjoying my break from work. Two more weeks until I go back, and then two more weeks until End of Grade testing begins...time to enjoy the peace and quiet while I still can!

I'm plugging away at my women's fiction WIP, and it's up to 69k. I want to get it to 75 before I go back and start making some heavy changes, but I find myself editing as I go, making it harder to raise the word count. I've spent a few hours on it today, and I'm running out of steam. I'd still like to get to my goal before I go into major editing mode, but this manuscript is feeling a lot better already. Maybe I'll be ready to query this in the summer?

Tomorrow I have an errand-filled schedule, but I will still make time for my writing. I am starting to feel the wisps of a balanced life: let's just hope I can get it figured out sooner rather than later!

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