Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Letter to my younger self

Inspired by this post, I decided to write a brief letter to my younger self. I don't remember my sixth grade self, but I certainly remember my eighth grade self...


It's really going to be ok.

Keep wearing the earrings you love, even if they are huge.

Don't be so ready to fall in love: the choices you make now will change you forever, and you may have a hard time conquering your heart.

People only tease you about your hair because they secretly wish they had crazy curly hair like you. One day, you will love it, mostly.

Volleyball isn't the right activity for you. When you take that first yoga class in high school, pay attention! Everything you learn then will be important latter on.

You will never have another teacher as amazing as your current Language Arts teacher. Cherish her.

Someday, you'll leave the small town behind. Don't rush. It's still a good place to grow up.

Stop listening to the Love Light and wishing someone would dedicate a song to you. You are living a song.

Smile more, cry less, and don't worry about the mean girls. In the long run, they won't really impact your life.



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  1. What a great idea--and beautiful advice!
    Thanks again for the Liebster nomination! I FINALLY got around to posting it--and put you on my list, as well. I didn't do it to obligate you to pick more people--just post it again so people know what an impact you are making in the blogosphere! Thanks!