Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kitchen Escapades

So I'm hiding in my office today, trying to avoid the three burly men who are busily installing a new kitchen and laundry room floor.

This has had several effects. For one, the cat is locked up and mewling pitifully, and I miss having my muse in here with me while I write. But because I can't really do anything in the rest of the house, I have kept my butt in this chair all morning, getting lots done.

I had been out of my disciplined habit of writing 1000 words a day, but today I've met and surpassed this goal: I will maintain this pace tomorrow, and get back in my groove.

I've also gotten a lot of grading done, and I've planned my next two weeks of lessons.

House projects seem to be good for my productivity! What measures do you need to take to force yourself to be productive?

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