Sunday, March 11, 2012

100 Books in 2012: Book 22 "Perception"

Last year, I decided that Kim Harrington was on my favorite author list. I was eagerly awaiting this book, the sequel to her excellent novel "Clarity", and I wasn't disappointed.

Clarity (known to most people as Clare) is a psychic, but this isn't all that odd: her mother and brother both have a variation of the gift. Last summer, her abilities helped solve a murder, and now Clare feels like she should be doing more than providing entertaining readings for the tourists who come to her small Massachusetts town. But when a girl from her school goes missing, Clare is unable to devote any attention to the case: she's overwhelmed by emotion, and teenage boys. Her ex, Justin, wants to get back together, and then there's Gabriel, the new guy in town who bonded with Clare over the murder case. Add to the mix a secret admirer turned stalker, and Clare is overwhelmed. But the fate of the missing student is more linked to hers than she realizes, and Clare sound finds herself in a dangerous situation.

This novel has it all: fast pacing, sharp characters, and enough red herrings to make Agatha Christie proud. If you like a good mystery, start with "Clarity" and then move on to "Perception".

What a blissful, beautiful Sunday! What are you doing this afternoon? I think I'll go lay in a sunbeam with a book.

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