Wednesday, March 21, 2012

100 Books in 2012: Book 25 "The Goddess Test"

I have a compulsion to read mythic re-tellings (sort of like my need to read fairy tales in all forms). Aimee Carter's new romance didn't let me down with this Twilight-meets Persephone tale set in my (old)home state.

Kate's mother is dying of cancer, and insists that she wants to die in Eden, Michigan: her childhood home. While there, Kate has a disastrous run-in with the pretty, popular Ava that results in Ava's death...or does it? Kate meets Henry, a mysterious young man who makes a bargain with her: he'll save Ava, and if she re-reads the story of Persephone, she'll know how to pay him back.

So begins Kate's journey into life at Eden Manor, Henry's home. Henry claims to be Hades, lord of the Underworld, and he's on the lookout for a new bride. What begins as an obligation becomes something more, and Kate struggles with her attachment to life and her growing affection for Henry.

The first in a trilogy, this novel is an excellent read. While some of the romance elements were a bit too easy for my tastes, Carter's understanding of Greek mythology is elegant and permeates all layers of the book. I'm eagerly awaiting "Goddess Interrupted" when it comes out next month.

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