Friday, March 30, 2012

Indulging in Dreams

Spin the wheel. Luck be a lady. Take a chance. Play the numbers.

Yes, you are correct. For only the second time in my adult life (the first being immediately after turning 18), I bought a lottery ticket.

The woman in the post office is sure she's going to win. My grandma has her ticket. My mom's in a pool at work. So, I figured, why not?

I have been unbearably lucky thus far in my life, and I used to worry that one day I would use it all up. There has to be a quota for Lady Luck, right?

Actually, I don't think so. The more joy and beauty that I welcome into my life, the more these things seem to breed, leaving me happy, healthy, and very, very lucky. So with this freshly altered perspective, I am choosing to believe in abundance and beauty.

But even in dreams, I can't imagine how in the world I (or any other individual) could possibly spend the abundance promised by the current Mega Millions jackpot.

So, as I tend to do, I decided to make a list of possible ways to spend my hypothetical winnings:
1. Student loans
2. Mortgage
3. Buy a beach house
4. Pay off the car
5. Pay back our families
6. Set up a college fund for my siblings
7. Pay off any other lingering bills
8. Set up a retirement fund
9. Pay off any debts our immediate family members may have
10. Give GENEROUSLY to the local food bank and other causes and organizations that I support.

...I'm not even close to a hundred million yet, and I'm out of ideas.

See? That much money is just too much for any one person. Maybe I would form my own Super Pack: I would be the entire pack! That could be fun...

Even if I don't know how I'd spend it, it would be nice to have the right numbers. So, Luck be a Lady tonight!

What would you do with the Mega Millions prize?


  1. Your list is eerily close to mine :) Would probably add a couple of trips around the world as well. Bought my ticket this afternoon. Good luck!