Monday, April 23, 2012

100 Books in 2012: Book 36 "Page by Paige"

I'm not usually a big fan of graphic novels: they are hard for my brain to process, for some reason.  But I read Laura Lee's excellent story last night, and I am so happy I stepped outside of my literary comfort zone.

Paige's family moves from Virginia to New York City, and at first, she struggles to find herself.  She buys a sketchbook and uses it as her first new friend, venting and exploring the new things she is seeing in NYC.  At school, Paige meets Jules, Gabe, and Longo, and begins to come out of her shell.  She moves from an introverted spirit to a silly, self-assured girl who is willing, bit by bit, to be her authentic self.  There's love, friendship, parental issues, and a small dose of very realistic angst, all of which add together to make this story believable, inspiring, and just plain fun to read.

It's no wonder this book has been nominated for YALSA's top ten list!

Any other great graphic novels I shouldn't miss?

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