Saturday, April 7, 2012

A-Z Challenge: G is for Gail Carson Levine

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G is for Gail Carson Levine

I first discovered the works of this delightful author in a children's literature class in college. We read "Ella Enchanted", and I've been hooked ever since.

Levine crafts wonderful worlds built around fairy tales and familiar themes. She plays with magic: she doesn't struggle with it, or force it. Reading her work is like being a child again, full of wide eyed wonder. She's also written an excellent book on writing: although it's geared for younger writers, it's filled with wonderful exercises for anyone who writes for a young audience. There are so few books written for teens who want to write, and I love that Levine not only writes for her target audience, but actively works to foster their creativity, too. What a superstar!

Gail Carson Levine also keeps a blog dedicated to dishing out literary advice. Whenever I'm stuck, I wander over there and try one of her prompts.

She is probably the single biggest influence on early writing. Although I write for an older audience, I love fairy tale re-tellings and magic, and Levine is one of my modern literary heroines.

Who are your favorite modern writers? Which authors have influenced your craft?


  1. What a great thing, to give credit to those who have helped you grow as a writer!

    My favorite modern writer, the one who has deeply impacted the way I see science-fiction (the genre I write in) is Dan Simmons, author of the Hyperion Cantos. His incredibly complex and versatile worlds and characters have always left me in awe.

    1. I don't read a lot of scifi, but I will certainly add Dan Simmons to my to be read list.

  2. Maybe I should get her writing book for our middle school library collection.

    1. It's excellent: I used to use it in the classroom. :)

  3. I didn't know she'd written a book around writing. It sounds very helpful - thanks for the head's up!

    Wishing you continued success with the A to Z challenge,