Friday, April 27, 2012

A-Z Challenge: X is for X

X is for X (as in, the Roman numeral)

Maybe I'm copping out with this one, but I admit, I was stumped!  I decided to to an homage to X (that nice, round number ten that always makes me think of Indiana Jones) with a silly post: lists of my top tens!  These lists are not in any particular order (1 is just the first one I thought of, not necessarily the best)...

Top X Movies
I. Philadelphia Story
II. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
III. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
IV. Into the Woods
V. Gone with the Wind
VI. Beauty and the Beast
VII. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
VIII. Rear Window
IX. 10 Things I Hate About You
X. Cleopatra

Top X Foods
I. Sushi
II. Spaghettios
III. Chocolate anything
IV. Wine
V. Falaffel
VI. Indian
VII. Ethiopian
VIII. Italian
IX. Soup
X. Fresh, homemade bread (with olive oil)

Top X Songs

I. "Don't Stop Me Now" Queen
II. "Into the Woods" Sondheim
III. "Sweet Caroline" Neil Diamond
IV. "Up on the Shelf" Harry Chapin
V. "Creeque Alley" Mamas and the Papas
VI. "Teach Your Children" Crosby, Stills, Nash
VII. "Only the Good Die Young" Billy Joel
VIII. "Dark Lady" Cher
IX. "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" Pat Benatar
X. "I Want You to Want Me" Cheap Trick

And, finally, since this month (and this blog, for that matter) is all about writing: Top X Authors
*These are just a sampling of those individuals who I love to read on a rainy day.

I. Rick Riordan
II. Sonya Sones
III. Dorianne Laux
IV. Neil Gaiman
V. Sharon Creech
VI. Laini Taylor
VII. Anne Lamott
VIII. The syndicate known as Carolyn Keen
IX. J.K. Rowling
X. Marion Zimmer Bradley

We're almost to the end of the alphabet!!  Cheer on the other participants as we near the finish line!

What are some of your top X?


  1. We share a lot of the same favorites, like Anne Lamott and Gone With the Wind. Creative X post!

    1. Thanks, Dana: I was completely stumped! Recently made my siblings watch Gone With the Wind, but sadly, they were not impressed. LOVE that film (and book!)

  2. This is actually a really clever post. And fun.

    My Top X(we'll just go with books!) are:

    The Secret History-Donna Tartt
    The Passion-Jeanette Winterson
    White Oleander-Janet Fitch
    American Gods-Neil Gaiman
    The House on Mango Street-Sandra Cisneros
    The Story Sisters-Alice Hoffman
    Johnny Got His Gun-Dalton Trumbo
    Books of Blood-Clive Barker(I know, creepy!)
    Wuthering Heights-Emily Bronte
    The God of Small Things-Arundhati Roy

    ...Not in any particular order. Fun!!

    1. I'd say about half of those I've read, and the other half I'm adding to my ever-growing library list! :)

  3. I'm impressed you could pick X top favorites of so many things. I love so many books, movies, songs and foods that I don't think I could limit myself as well as you did.

    1. Elizabeth, that's why I picked authors instead of books! I could never limit my favorite book choices :)