Monday, July 23, 2012

100 Books in 2012: Book 62 "The Farthest Away Mountain"

This novel by Lynne Reid Banks (famous in my youth for the Indian in the Cupboard series) was one of my hands-down favorite books growing up.  I carted my tattered paperback copy to every babysitting job I ever had, reading it aloud to gaggles of little girls.  When I was substitute teaching, I even used it as a read aloud reward for a class of fifth graders.  Somewhere in the many moves and the multiple states, my copy disappeared.  Last fall, my sweet hubby found a used copy for me and sent me off to a writer's conference with a surprise in my suitcase.  Yes, I am just now getting around to re-reading my beloved present.

Dakin is an unusual girl.  Not content with living in her quiet village and getting married one day, Dakin vows to visit the Farthest Away Mountain, meet a gargoyle, and wed a prince.  One morning, the mountain calls to her, and so begins her rapid adventure battling the force of evil that has consumed the magical mountain.  Through wit, bravery, and a few well-timed tears, Dakin defeats the evil wizard who has held the mountain in his thrall and recovers the mystical ring which will allow the reigning prince to finally marry.  But we don't always get everything we want, and Dakin's experiences have changed some of her goals.

Told like a classic fairy tale, this is a bite sized read which never fails to bring joy to my heart.  If you like spunky heroines, magic, and easy victories, give this classic a whirl.

What are you reading today?  A storm is blowing in, so it's time for me to take comfort with a good book!

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