Sunday, July 15, 2012

Preparing for another Mercury Retrograde

Mercury went retrograde again yesterday, and in the spirit of embracing the oft-misunderstood occurrence, I've got a few suggestions to show yourself some love in the coming weeks.

Mercury Retrograde isn't a time to jump headfirst into the unknown, but you shouldn't hide under your bed, either.  The last time this astronomical happening occurred, I made a pact to treat myself with kindness in the coming retrogrades.  Now that it's time to put my money where my mouth is, I'm already running behind.

But that's okay.  I can still use this wonky time for peace and reflection.

First up: meditation.  I'm a sporadic meditator at the best of times, but this Mercury Retrograde coincides with the free 21-day meditation challenge offered by the Chopra Center.  This challenge is a great way to start or deepen a personal meditation practice, and I can't wait to get started tomorrow.  It will be good to have three weeks of enforced solitude, even if each meditation is only about fifteen minutes long.  Sometimes, I don't even take fifteen minutes, so something is better than nothing.  There's still time to sign up if this sounds like something you'd be interested in.

Next up: changing the way I think about change.  For the coming weeks (and the rest of my life, really) I've committed to accepting change with open arms and a smile.  This also means that I will try to step outside of my comfort zone.  For example, today I met my yoga buddy at a new class.  I don't know what I was expecting from a class called "chant and restore", but, well, it was filled with chanting and restoration.  It wasn't what I thought I wanted, but it was still good.  So with that in mind, in the coming weeks of screwy Mercury (which rules communication as well as travel), I'm going to try to look at things from a "maybe not what I expected or wanted, but what I needed" mindset.  This will be VERY challenging for me (I'm a bit of a control freak), but I figure now's the perfect time to stretch my boundaries.

Finally: writing.  I've said it before and I'll say it a million more times before I absorb it, but writing makes me sane.  It doesn't need to be more than a thousand words of new material a day, but at the minimum, I owe it to myself to keep scribbling.  With that in mind, I probably won't dig too deeply into any revision work over the next three weeks, but since this retrograde coincides with our annual vacation to Oregon, that's okay.  I wouldn't really be doing any revisions right now, anyway.

So, to recap: instead of fighting the planets, I will use this current Mercury Retrograde to deepen my introspective work, shift my resistance to challenges, and keep writing.  How will you balance your life while the cosmos are out of whack?

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