Wednesday, September 5, 2012

100 Books in 2012: Book 75 "What Kills Me"

I was luck enough to meet Wynne Channing through my online writing group, and last weekend I sat down with her debut novel.  I didn't come up for air until I was done.  What a thrill!

Axelia is studying abroad in Italy.  What should be a simple semester of sun, gelato, and romance turns ugly when she meets Paolo.  He charms her out of her good sense, and on their first date, he lures her to a deserted church where he tells her he's going to kill her.  She panics and runs, finding a small door in the back of the church.  The door leads to a set of stairs, which lead her to a clearing.  With Paolo in pursuit, she falls into a well in the center of the clearing and dies.

Well, sort of.  The well is sacred, filled with the blood of the first vampires, and while she drowned, she ingested enough of the blood to be reborn.  As a vampire.

At first, Zee refuses to accept her reality, but then it becomes clear that the vampires won't leave her alone.  They want her dead, for real this time.  She goes on the run, stumbling into the grumpy vampire swordsmith, Lucas, on her way.  Despite himself, he helps her, and together, they attempt to stand against the entire vampire monarchy.  Piece by piece, Zee discovers why she is being hunted, and the truth could shatter her.

Channing is currently on tour with this novel, and she's offering it at a special price of $.99.  So what are you waiting for?  Fall into Zee's new world: just be prepared to howl when the book ends, and wait for the sequel.

What other great books have you picked up lately?

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