Tuesday, September 18, 2012

100 Books in 2012: Book 80 "Lizzy Speare and the Cursed Tomb"

Recently, I connected with author Ally Malinenko.  Her debut, Lizzy Speare and the Cursed Tomb, is a MG romp with a literary twist.  You'll have fun reading this one!

Lizzy's life changes on her twelfth birthday.  First, she's kidnapped.  Then, she finds out that a)her captor isn't a captor, but a protector, b) he's a muse: a real one, and c) she's the last living descendant of William Shakespeare.  Reeling, Lizzy plunges into a world filled with myth, magic, and literary demons.  Magical as everything is, it's dangerous, too: the last of Kit Marlowe's descendents has a centuries-old score to settle with poor Lizzy.

Weaving literary allusions with Greek mythology, this tale is a fast-paced ride from beginning to end.  Every single character is worth knowing, and Lizzy is an easy character to root for: bookish, filled with dreams, and sweetly gullible. 

Phew!  80 books down, only 20 to go!  I think I'm ahead of schedule :)  Check in with the other 100 Books participants and cheer them on as we near the end of our challenge.

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