Tuesday, November 27, 2012

100 Books in 2012: Book 93 BRAINS FOR LUNCH

Last month, I met K.A. Holt at the Highlight's Foundation Novels in Verse workshop.  She's a great lady with a sharp sense of humor and a quirky personality, and that shines through in her zombie novel-in-verse Brains for Lunch.

Told in Haiku, this is the short, sassy story of Loeb, a depressed zombie at an integrated school.  He deals with the scorn of the Lifers every day, not to mention his sometimes disgusting zombie peers.  But a pretty girl and a librarian might be just the ones to break Loeb out of his undead shell!

Fans of poetry, young and old, will adore this book.  Holt's use of Haiku is unique and ideal: I'm convinced that zombies really would speak 5-7-5.

I'm always looking for other great novels-in-verse.  Any suggestions?


  1. Love the title and Haiku. This sounds like a book for me!

    1. It's a tasty treat, that's for sure! :)