Sunday, December 30, 2012

More books in 2012: The Gatekeeper's Sons

The first in a series by Eva Pohler, this novel blends mythology, romance, and contemporary characters to create something akin to The Goddess Test books. 

When Therese loses both of her parents in a terrible car crash, she has a close brush with death herself.  While she lingers between the lands of the living and the dead, she has a vision of two utterly handsome boys.  As she gradually readjusts to her life without her parents, Therese realizes that her vision wasn't a dream: she encountered Hyp and Than, the sons of Hades, and she's captivated them both.  Than makes a deal with his father to try and win Therese's hand, and the other Olympians get involved.  Therese fascinates them, and many of the goddesses, including Aphrodite and Artemis, want to help her succeed.  But can a mortal girl really fall in love with the keeper of the dead?

This is a quick read with an interesting premise.

What are your favorite myths?

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