Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Good morning, friends!  Remember to check my website, jenmcconnel.com, for updated information about my books and my crazy journey.

I'm still on Twitter @Jen_McConnel

Hope to connect with you in my new web space! 

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Making a Digital Move

When I started this blog in 2009, I had no idea that I'd maintain it for so long.  Up 'til that point, I had only ever blogged for class or in my capacity as a middle school librarian, and my earlier attempts had fizzled out after the class was over.

But this blog baby has grown and thrived, evolving with me from a place to babble to a place to post my thoughts on writing and share great books with you.  I've loved maintaining this blog and meeting each of you along the way (my particular favorite was participating in the A-Z challenge last year for the first time). 

However, I'm feeling a bit Jekyll/Hyde with my online resting places, so I've decided that the time has come to leave this blog.  I hope you'll still follow me at https://jennifermcconnel.wordpress.com/ for updates on my writing life in general.

Thanks, y'all! <3 br="br">

Friday, January 11, 2013

Wishes for 2013

I know we're already into the New Year, but I'm a bit behind.  I hope everyone transitioned to 2013 with sparklers and laughter, and I for one can't wait to see what this year has in store.

Each new year gives us the opportunity to sift through our lives and hearts, clearing away that which has served its purpose and making new plans for the coming months.  I spent January 1st cleaning out my closet and my office, and it feels so good to have physically removed things that are no longer needed.

Sometimes, though, it's easier to clear out our closets than our minds.  This year, I want to challenge y'all to join me in living as authentically as possible.  Let's focus on the things that bring us joy, forget the things that fill us with fear, and embrace the bliss that fills our hearts.

These are my personal wishes for 2013:
  • To speak truth 
  • To do more of what I love (writing, yoga, reading, and laughing top the list)
  • To cultivate an attitude of gratitude
  • To love wildly
  • To not sweat the small stuff (or the big stuff, either)
  • To keep believing in/chasing my dreams
  • To make someone smile
What do you wish for yourself in the coming year?

Sunday, December 30, 2012

More books in 2012: The Gatekeeper's Sons

The first in a series by Eva Pohler, this novel blends mythology, romance, and contemporary characters to create something akin to The Goddess Test books. 

When Therese loses both of her parents in a terrible car crash, she has a close brush with death herself.  While she lingers between the lands of the living and the dead, she has a vision of two utterly handsome boys.  As she gradually readjusts to her life without her parents, Therese realizes that her vision wasn't a dream: she encountered Hyp and Than, the sons of Hades, and she's captivated them both.  Than makes a deal with his father to try and win Therese's hand, and the other Olympians get involved.  Therese fascinates them, and many of the goddesses, including Aphrodite and Artemis, want to help her succeed.  But can a mortal girl really fall in love with the keeper of the dead?

This is a quick read with an interesting premise.

What are your favorite myths?

More books in 2012: Entangled

I had a chance to read this YA paranormal by Nikki Jefford over the holidays, and I loved it!

Teen witch Graylee isn't having a good year.  Her twin sister, Charlene, is snarky and powerful, while Gray's magic seems to have vanished.  Add to that a mysterious death, a botched resurrection, and a couple of dreamy guys and it's pretty obvious that Gray is in way over her head.

The first in a series, this book will leave you begging for more.  Graylee is a flawed heroine worth rooting for, and the twisted and tangled magical world around her is utterly believable.  I can't wait to see what Jefford does with the rest of the series!

What books did Santa bring you over the holidays?