Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I suppose it's both good and bad that I have so many fiction projects in the works. I have been focusing so heavily on the two adult novels since they are much closer to completion than my two YA that I feel like I'm spinning my wheels.

Today, desperate to write but hating my adult fiction (for the moment) I started doing some character analysis for the multi-voiced YA novel. I only ended up adding one poem (total now is 67) but I did some literary organizing, and I think (I hope) that when I have my next break from work in two weeks that I will have a burst of energy and work a lot more on this novel. This is a fair thing to hope for, since it was exactly those circumstances which lead to the creation from scratch and almost completion of the witch burning novel.

Sigh. Or am I just wasting time bouncing from project to project? For some reason I hear Yul Brynner in my head, telling me that I must not ever fly from bee, to bee, to bee.

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