Sunday, March 28, 2010

500 word challenge

I've decided to set a smallish goal to help me get back in the habit: check out the 500 word challenge link at the top of this page!

Today, I wrote 767 words for the YA novel in verse, the historical one. each of the poems are due to an idea from my wonderful husband, when I was complaining about the difficulty of crafting a childhood for a real person.

Now I need to read two things that my character wants to talk about: "The Egyptian Book of the Dead", and "The Voyage Out" by Virginia Woolf.

I've been using the phrase, "if you give a mouse a cookie..." lately to describe my actions. Ah, childhood books. So true, though! Every time I think I have or am doing what I want, I realize that there's more out there.

Rambly today. My apologies.

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