Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Consumed by a fitful need to clean the apartment before I went crazy tonight, I found myself sorting through old writing folders, burning the excess scraps and re-reading things from years past.

I found all my notes and handouts from the last Rally of Writers I attended, years ago. I was struck by how much useful information and guidance I found scirbbled in my notes.

My favorite was the phrase, "should is out: anything you should write, DON'T!"

I need to find something comparable to Rally down here. I also need to stop pretending I will write every day and REALLY write every day. So today, because I'm burnt out and twitchy, because I can't focus very well, I'm doing my writing here in this public space and leaving my characters alone for a night.

It's a struggle to balance everything in my life in such a way that I can write every day. I begin to feel like I "should" do a lot of things: grad class work, cleaning, work for school, spending time with my husband, calling the far-off family and friends that I have scattered about the country, not to mention cleaning, packing in preparation of moving into our first house, reading for fun, reading for work, reading for class...

the list never ends.

I like my life to be full. But I am still finding the balance between full and overflowing, and I have to remind myself every day to make my writing the first priority.

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