Sunday, April 25, 2010

Poison Ivy Update

So I'm going to deviate from the world of being a writer to talk about something that has been plaguing me this week: poison ivy.

The new yard is overrun, and we both got into it last weekend. While my husband seems to be healing fine, I was finally prompted to go get a steroid shot on Friday, due to the speed with which the rash seemed to be spreading and taking over my body.

Learned a few things: first, it can only be spread within the first 24 hours of contact, but sometimes it takes days for the bumps to show up, hence you think it is still "spreading".

Second: steroids do STRANGE things to me. I've been an emotional wreck, and this afternoon following a short but wonderful visit with my family, I crawled back to bed and slept for four hours...phew! I still want to pass out, but I know that I need to at least have dinner and be awake for part of the day.

Third: steroid shots are so large they cannot be given in the arm...the humiliation factor increased exponentially when the nurse told me that...

Note to self: never, ever, ever take steroids again, if that is something I can at all control.

Because of the drug haze, I can barely remain vertical, let alone do any thoughtful writing. Perhaps a poor excuse, but I am allowing myself this weekend to try and heal. I will begin exercising my brain again tomorrow...I hope.


  1. Yeah, they should have told you about that before giving the shot. And he/she could have given it in the hip which is less embarrassing. I hope you're better! You can always do an oral dose pack which has a little less crazy side effects next time you absolutely have to take steroids. And future NP..out.

  2. I had to have steroids in my hip and it was so painful, but it didn't effect my mood at all. I'm sorry you are feeling yucky.