Monday, April 19, 2010


Feeling a bit burnt...ok, not burnt, more like lightly singed. Either way, I was struggling for writing inspiration tonight, but then I remembered this post from author Gail Carson Levine, and decided to try her advice...

SO: the work I am focusing on for the title exercise? I think I'll deal with one of the adult novels first, a retelling of the Book of Ruth.

The current title is "Queen of Heaven". Let's see what else I can do:
"Mother of the Stars"
"Daughters of the Sky"
"Ruth and Naomi"
"Child of the Stars"
"Divine Mother", I think I might like "Priestess" as an alternate, but the other titles are crummy.

Let's look at the YA novel in verse, the Egyptology book I keep posting on (it doesn't have a title currently, but is about Lady Evelyn Herbert, the only woman present at the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamen):
"In the Shadow of Kings"
"Daughter of the Valley"
"Lady Eve: The Lost Story"
"The Girl who found Tutankhamen"
"Desert Sands"
"In the footsteps of giants"
"Curse of Egypt"
"Carnarvon's Daughter: The Untold Chapter"

Thoughts? Not sure if I like any of these options...

I'll save the other two works for another day. For now, I think it is time to have a cup of tea and sit quietly.

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  1. My current WIP took months to figure out a title. I talked to half-a-dozen people about it until I finally figured out that simple=better. And that's where I am. Since I'm hoping this to be a series, it made it a little more difficult because it was like thinking up every since title!