Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Working Magic

Ah, Gail Carson Levine...if you knew what your blog does to me!

I sat down today to do a bit of prompt writing before diving into my writing practice, and I spun out a surprising 630 words which may want attention at some point. Based on the prompt in the above link about "picking an object and inventing a history for it", I started what feels like fairy-tale quality discussion about working magic versus color magic, and I wanted to share a bit of this story-to-be:

Working magic is a different sort. If working magic has a color, it is the color of the object that is doing the working. Let me explain that better. In this case, the working magic is the silk pillow, which once was a brilliant blue. The magic is blue, but it is not blue magic. Working magic does what it says: from the moment of its conception until it is destroyed by some outer force, working magic works. Slowly, steadily, seeming of almost no consequence, working magic can protect not only an individual, but their offspring for generations, if it is allowed to continue its work.

Certainly, working magic grows weaker over time: there is no natural thing that does not. But as long as it is allowed to do its work, benefits can be reaped after centuries. Although the once-blue silk pillow in question was not quite that old, it had offered protection to the family with the old tabby cat for close to seventy five years.

Thoughts? Not sure where this will take me, but thrilled to feel over inspired for once!

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