Saturday, July 24, 2010

My list of things...

Inspired by my friend, Mallory (read her list here!) I've decided to step away from my day to day life and create the list of things I want to accomplish in my life. I used to think in terms of "I want" on a daily basis, but things have been so much that I have wanted lately that I haven't really listened to the little voice in me that continues to desire.

So here, in no particular order, are the things I hope for in my life.

1. To visit Egypt (this will happen in December 2010!)
2. To have a poem published nationally (this happened last spring, but I hope to see it come again!)
3. To visit Ireland
4. To go back to Disney World
5. To go on a goddess pilgrimage to Crete
6. To have a short story published
7. To have all four of the novels that are my babies right now published
8. To see one of my novels on the best seller list
9. To continue to deepen my spirituality
10. To dance with my love to street music somewhere in Europe
11. To be a middle school librarian (again)
12. To teach long enough to obtain tenure
13. To open a new age store
14. To act in a play again
15. To keep singing (thank heaven for the CWC!)
16. To visit Hawaii
17. To visit Alaska
18. To go camping with my love (might happen in a few weeks!)
19. To pick up a camera again
20. To attend CHLA again
21. To present at CHLA again
22. To grow my own vegetables and fruits
23. To re-read Dickens
24. To take some writing classes
25. To pay off my student loans
26. To re-do the kitchen!
27. To own a hot tub someday
28. To meet Patricia Leatham
29. To stay organized for more than a week
30. To see Othello and King Lear performed

30 things to start with...I'll add more as my desires grow.


  1. Very nice things to have on your list. I hope you are able to accomplish them all.

  2. Thanks for the link! I love your list. We have some shared items - it would be great to get on stage again! On a side note, I definitely thought your comment on my blog yesterday was from my mom (JEN -> JILL?) so pardon the confusing reply. I'm glad we're keeping in touch this way! Can't wait to see some items crossed off your list. You must tell me about this Egypt trip!!