Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Writing...

Regime? Schedule? Plan? Goal? These all seem so terribly flat for what I am searching for.

New Writing Outlook. There, I like that much better.

I'm in the middle of finally reading "Bird by Bird" by Anne Lamott, which I picked up during a blissed-out excursion to Powell's while on vacation, and it's been a really good kick in the pants for me.

I've decided to get back to my daily writing habit. I was going to set the timer today, but that felt too restrictive, so I just surrendered to the words that wanted to come out. 7 pm is the time that is now sacredly set aside for writing. Tonight? The start of a short story which will dovetail nicely with my magic-themed collection that I keep contemplating.

I write for the joy of it. And I will keep this joy as I trip into fall and begin working more seriously towards publication of the one WIP I have that is close to ready. But at the root of it all is bliss.

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