Sunday, August 15, 2010

Printer fail

I wanted to print one of my YA WIP today, to lay it all out and see what rearranging I can do, but the printer ran all the way out of ink after only 34 pages...sigh. Guess that's a project I'll tackle later. I really want to get that piece ready to pitch, because it's the one I am planning to focus my energy on at the South Carolina Writers Workshop conference...and October is sooner than I would like!

Enjoying my forays into speculative fiction with the magic-based pieces for the collection. I am also considering the options for self-publishing said collection using's a very niche work, and it matters more to me to tell the stories and share them in this instance than my desire for the bestsellers list...what are your thoughts about nontraditional publication journeys?

Time for ice cream and berries...ah, summer decadence!

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