Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wasted Time

How many hours do I simply waste, surfing from facebook to my email to the blog to twitter and back through the cycle again?

Yes. I need downtime at the end of the day. Yes. I enjoy my sites. Do I really need to kill over an hour when there aren't posts or emails to respond to? No.

This urge to do nothing is strongest for me in front of the computer, so I am thinking I need to limit my internet play time. I have an addictive nature, so five minutes can turn into fifteen, and before I know it, I don't know why I'm still sitting there surfing.

Now, this causes a slight conundrum: I do my writing on the computer. I don't need the internet to work, usually,'s there, and so am I, and sometimes time gets away from me. Once I start writing I'm fine, but in that blank space before I really have an idea, I tend to putter. And that is getting me in trouble in terms of time wasting.

There are dishes in the sink that I said I'd handle, and I've been home for over an hour and done...nothing. Ok, not true, I did dispose of the mouse that was on the rug to greet me, courtesy of my little huntress. (Ick, by the way).

I will go answer the emails that I keep re-saving as new. Then I will clean up the kitchen. By then, Matt will likely be home, so we'll go for our walk. Then it will be time for dinner, and then I will come in here and write. Maybe I will even run a mile after that, or maybe I will curl up with some wine. But I will organize these other things first.

Something big is shifting in me. I need to keep up.

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