Monday, September 13, 2010


I've got a character situation where a secondary character has been named in honor of the main character...and it's making things confusing. Should I use a nickname for the child, or should I rename her entirely? The name is Issobell...I was thinking Bella as a nickname, but for obvious reasons in the modern world I feel that is a name to be avoided...

Maybe the girl could be named after Issobell's favorite...plant? Book? Goodness, what books were printed by the 1640s?

Naming her for a favorite thing of the main character might make more sense...back to the research drawing board. Any suggestions?


  1. I like Belle, or maybe Issy since it's Issobell...I can hear Issy with a British accent in my head, it sounds nice.

  2. The character lives in the 1600s...both the main and the secondary named after her, so I don't know about Belle too French?

  3. Etymology links Isabel to Elizabeth