Saturday, October 16, 2010

Nightly Writing

This has been a good week for my craft. Each night, I have sat down to write, and each night, I feel more centered and at peace with myself.

I had been flailing with my writing, since I am at a lull with the four novels in progress: two await the Egypt trip to be flushed out, and two are in the first revisions stage. It's hard not to begin creating something new and give myself over the rush of excitement I feel when a brand new idea takes over, but I have been restraining myself.

I want to participate in NaNoWriMo again this year, and I guess I have sort of been saving myself. What's the use of randomly beginning a project that I will have to abandon to reach my November writing goal? Instead, I have been using the time this week to journal, exploring aspects of my past and my heart that I haven't taped before. I've easily been drafting a thousand words each night, and my routine is beginning to be established: write until I am done, then meditate using a variety of videos on Youtube (the one I posted yesterday has become a part of my daily practice). Sometimes I will write a poem after meditating while I am still very much in the world of the spirit, but eventually I will rejoin my husband and the cat out in the living room.

I've been sleeping better and dealing with stress better, and I say this now to remind myself of the ingredients for self-sanity: constant writing, daily meditation, and time taken to myself in my writing room.

How do you stay sane when you feel yourself pulled in different directions?

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