Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A little light reading

I took myself on a date to Barnes and Noble yesterday (ah, the nostalgia I felt...I worked at B&N for almost two blissful years in college, and I sometimes really miss it) and came home with Succulent Wild Woman by SARK. Love it!

I am trying to relearn a bit of my diva-ness. When I was in high school and early college, I thought I was DA BOMB. I spent loads of time giving myself pedicures, pretend facials, and dressing up for no particular reason. I was luscious and I knew it.

Then I cut off my mane of curly hair. And gained 50 pounds. And realized I was an abrasive little brat in high school. So I changed. I grew a shell. I let my introverted soul finally reign, and I slunk into a frumpy hole.

It's time to reclaim some of that pizazz that I used to ooze. It's amazing what a hair cut, a mud mask, and some tinted lip balm can do for a girl!


  1. I know this is completely unrelated to writing, but: I miss you! It sounds like you need me to visit again so we can go to Aveda together! I haven't done any self-pampering since then either. I keep getting emails from the Chapel Hill Aveda salon with such great deals! Sadly, the Aveda teaching salon here is much more expensive. Maybe in March, I can steal a weekend to visit again. Hope all is well! You look amazing - I'm proud of you!

  2. Ahhh, Sark! A friend and I passed this book back and forth during our rough period (we had both gone through divorces the year before) and it energized us. I think I need to find it again. I'm looking for new perspective.

  3. Dee, I'll let you borrow mine if you want! I'm sure you could tell, but I'm needing some perspective, too. Doing yoga first thing in the morning seemed to help today...

    Shell, I miss you too! Can't wait to maybe see you in March!