Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Balancing Act

Sometimes, I feel like a circus performer. I wonder how in the world I ever got all those brightly colored balls up in the air in the first place, and I worry that I will not be able to keep up my juggling act. Picture a girl on a tightrope.

What would happen if I dropped those balls?

I have come to realize that I am so overwhelmingly busy because I taught myself to be: in high school, I threw myself into sports, theater, school, and chorus in an attempt to be away from my father. I'll be 27 in a week, and the art of being busy that I struggled to learn for survival has now become the thing that I must survive.

I know I've got too much going on, but so much of it is beautiful and joyous. How do I drop some balls without losing them all? Or should I just jump off the tightrope, change my costume, and find something more stationary, something less thrilling to do?

It seems like I haven't been home all week...and it looks like this pace will continue for at least another month.

This wouldn't be a concern (other than for my stress levels) except for the fact that I haven't written in five days. Five days! That's more than just "I need a day off"...that's the start of a slump.

And I am bursting to write. I simply don't have enough hours in the day. So I must keep juggling, working for the place when I can set the balls down and step out of the spotlight and back behind my desk.

What do you struggle with?


  1. Same. I love my job teaching, I love writing, I love spending quality time with my children and, I even love cleaning because I like the rare occassions when my home is tidy. Now I've decided to create my own web-page and learn web-design. I am totally with you, I know I need to scale back to fit it in, but don't seem willing to give anything up - let me know if you discover the secret answer! :-)

  2. Mine? Prioritizing, for sure.
    Good luck! The fact that you still have so many balls in the air shows that you can handle it but you know what? Even if you drop one, you're still up there, on the wire. Give yourself a break!