Thursday, February 24, 2011

Birthday Week

This has been an eventful week! I squeezed in yoga on Monday and this evening, and somewhere in the middle, I had another birthday.

I've been working to shift my focus and balance, and the fact that my middle schoolers are working on independent projects for the next two weeks helps a lot. I've been able to utilize my planning period more effectively, and I've started streamlining the process of grading essays for my TA gig. Plus, my little netbook (a splurge before my trip to Illinois) now holds a scattered 500 words to add to my YA Modern Fantasy WIP.

I've also reclaimed the five minutes in my Language Arts class that the students free write. I've disciplined myself this week to stop using this time to whine or babble, and instead have filled pages of my notebook with ideas for the YA WIP. In fact, over the course of the hour total that I have devoted to writing while at work, I have plotted out the rest of this novel and realized that if I do this right, the book has the potential to be a strong trilogy. I've also discovered an upcoming character creation workshop nearby that I am seriously considering attending. I'm almost ashamed to admit that this would be my first creative writing "course".

It's been a much better week. I'm still worn down to a nub, though, and a visit to the doctor left me with the directions to get a blood test for Thyroid problems soon, but my mental state is much better than it has been.

What a good feeling to be making time for myself!

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  1. I hope it was a wonderful birthday!
    My son turned 10 (double digits!) on Tuesday.
    I've had one thyroid test, too, last year. Hope all goes well!
    Making just a little more time for yourself can reenergize you on so many levels! Way to go!