Monday, February 7, 2011

Playing with magic

Today has been unusually productive. I took the GRE this morning (and did REALLY well on the verbal but craptastic on the quantitative), and after that slightly harrowing experience, it seems like I was challenging the Energizer Bunny for his throne. I got a lot of grading done for the last week of my current TA position (just in time to start the second week of my next position!) and I puttered around the house at high gear. The Wii Fit reminded me that it hadn't seen me in six days (because I was out of town, you judgmental computer), so I put in 45 minutes and felt better for it.

Then I sat down to write. A thousand words later, the YA modern fantasy novel that I started in January is now over 7,000 words, and Darlena, my main character, may have killed her first mortals. I'm not sure how dark I want this story to be, since it's in my nature to be bubbly, but the narrative keeps pulling me to unknown places and I have to be true to the story. We'll see what happens in the next thousand words!

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