Sunday, February 27, 2011

Why I Write/Who I admire

Inspired by this post, I want to address the following questions on this beautiful afternoon:

Why do you write?
Because I must. I write to ease my soul, I write to share stories of strong, beautiful women, and I write to live out alternate realities.

What do you love about writing?
I love going back to my work even hours later and feeling like I am reading the words of a stranger. I love that when I give myself the freedom to create, I learn unexpected things about my soul.

Why did you start writing?
I still have a cardboard book covered in contact paper filled with handwritten poems: my mom helped my best friend and me make our books in second or first grade.

What do you get out of writing?
Peace, sanity, and beauty.

What do you want to give others through writing?
A sense of a world in which magic reigns, women are strong, and divinity is multi-faceted.

It has been circulating the internet this week that author and scholar Merlin Stone has passed on. May she be at peace: her career is a beacon that I follow, for I long to do with fiction what she did with non-fiction.

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