Thursday, April 28, 2011

book reviews

It's been awhile since I've talked about what I've been reading...maybe because my reading has taken a back seat to my writing in the past weeks. Woops. But I've got a stack of ambition just waiting for me this weekend, and I do have two YA titles to update you on. Both are books that different students let me borrow: I love getting books from my kids!

"Shakespeare's Secret" by Elise Broach is a delightful history-mystery. Hero, the main character, stumbles on a mystery in her new house that may or may not be linked to the true identity of the author of the plays attributed to Shakespeare. This was a fast, fun read, and definitely right for anyone who likes a tidy mystery plot with historical information. I'm a sucker for Shakespeare, so I loved it.

"The Supernaturalist" by Eoin Colfer was...a let down. I LOVE the Artemis Fowl series, but this is very clearly an earlier work by this author. The sci-fi concept was good, but I felt like Colfer was a little heavy handed with theme and the kids vs grownups idea. But it was another fast read, and since sci-fi isn't my favorite genre, that might have something to do with my reaction.

Planning to catch up on Newbery books over the weekend: look for reviews of "Criss Cross" and "Desperaux" coming soon!

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