Monday, May 9, 2011

Plumping Up = Done!

Ever since I finished the first draft of my YA fantasy, I've been plugging away at my adult women's fiction, trying to beef it up a bit before I begin slashing it down into a true second draft.

Tonight, I clocked over my goal of seventy five thousand words (up from 59K in April). I don't really know where my productivity is coming from lately, but I am really excited about it! Even with the busy weekend in Oregon and the beautiful wedding of my sister in law, I've reached my goal a day ahead of schedule!

Now comes the tricky part with both novels: I need to find beta readers and or critique partners. I am taking a writing class on Tuesday nights, so maybe I'll be able to connect with someone there, but I recognize that I think I've taken these two works as far as I can by myself.

So, any advice on finding critique partners?

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