Friday, May 27, 2011

some grown up books

I've been reading a lot lately, but for some reason, I haven't made time to write any reviews. I have some catching up to do this weekend, in between travel and time with family.

I finished "The Six Wives of Henry VIII" by Alison Weir last night: what a great biography! I don't usually enjoy nonfiction, but this book read more like a juicy historical novel. I really enjoyed it, and have renewed my esteem for the various women who were married to the world's biggest spoiled bra, but most especially Anne of Cleves.

In a similarly heavy vein, I read the new translation of "Gilgamesh" by Stephen Mitchell. It was interesting. My favorite part about this ancient text is the powerful imagery throughout: Mitchell does a nice job translating in the style of an epic poem, and the storyteller and oral aspect of the story is intact. None of the gods come out looking very good, which makes me wonder about the cultural climate when the text originated.

I'll try to post a few YA reviews soon. What are you doing for the three day weekend?

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