Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ends and Starts

I managed to make it through the non-graduation ceremony without crying, but when my kids were coming up to me at the end to hug me, I couldn't help it.

Because this was not just a farewell to students I've known for two years, but a farewell to my teacher-self, I finagled it so I could read a poem during the ceremony. Some of the kids know I wrote it for them: others probably think I just found it somewhere online.

I wanted to share it with you, dear readers, and then I promise I'll stop crying over this transition...because even though something beautiful is ending, an exciting chapter is beginning.

Today, you are eager
to walk out those doors
for the last time.
You may think
that when you go,
you will forget
everything that happened
You might,
but hopefully you will remember
Today, you become the teachers:
you must teach us
how to let you go.
We have tried to guide you,
but now you are ready
to make your own path.
Know that you will be missed.
Yesterday, it was as if
you were still children.
Today, you are ready
for whatever the future holds.
Tomorrow, you will take
the first step into the unknown.
Wherever your steps take you,
just remember that you
will always be
an IMP.
Today you are
the class of

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