Sunday, June 12, 2011

Graduation Maddness

I just got home from a busy weekend! My little brother graduated from high school this weekend, and it's been a blur of caps and gowns and party food for the past four days. I'm really proud of him, but ashamed to admit that he became my excuse for not writing all weekend. Woops!

I haven't updated on my writing in awhile, so before I get back to it, I thought I'd share my progress with ya'll.

I've been working on the second volume of my YA modern fantasy, which I anticipate will be a trilogy. Book Two is taking a different path than the first novel, and I continue to be surprised by the things that pop up: I love when characters really have a mind of their own!

My goal is to finish a first draft of Book Two by August. I'll also be editing Book One like crazy, getting ready for the much anticipated South Carolina Writer's Workshop Conference in October. My goal is to be ready to pitch Book One to an agent by the conference, and the father along I am in the trilogy at that time, the better.

It's been hard to really focus on my writing as fully as I would like, but all that will change very soon. As of June 30, I'll be teaching only online, freeing me up to make writing my primary "work".* I'm really psyched about this, and I can't wait for the month to end so I can dive in!

Perhaps I can spend some time with Book Two tonight before I collapse blissfully into my own bed...

*Although I don't really consider writing to be work. For me, it's blissful play! Editing, however, is a lot of work.

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  1. Glad things are going along well with your MS. Hope it continues through the summer. Keep us posted. Good luck!